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Highly-detailed Pair of M3 Browning .50 Cal Machine Guns now available in the R2D Store!


FullSizeRender (2)Want to spice up your B-17 or other WW2 US bomber without full-blown conversions or scratchbuilding?  If your answer was “yes”,  then perhaps this upgrade is for you!  This gun is highly detailed, yet affordable and easy to install.

With a sharp hobby knife, you may choose to slice the barrel from the gun body to ease installation, or leave as-is for those building B-17 F and early G variants with open waist windows – the choice is yours!

Also great for the airfield diorama!

Available for purchase HERE.

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April 2016 Release


R2D is excited to announce a major upgrade for the Monogram B-17 in April 2016!

Bomb bay detail on the Monogram B-17 kits is notoriously sparse, with no simple solution to add realistic detail, other than spend countless hours scratchbuilding to accommodate the inner profile’s  complex geometry.

Setting the bar for major upgrades, we’ve taken a novel approach – one normally seen only with conversions… Instead of requiring the modeler to bend photo-etch or shave thickness from the inner kit walls, we completely cut out about 56mm of the middle fuselage area and replace it with this Ultra-detailed sub-assembly!  Simply cut along kit panel lines with your dremel or X-acto saw/blade and insert a pre-assembled mid-section.

Designed to fit to the B-17 G kit by Monogram, though could also be made to work with the B-17 F with a little finagling.  State of the art 3D scanning technology was utilized to ensure an accurate fit.

Stay posted for more information, including product photos, as this nears production next month and for other exciting product announcements!!

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New March Releases Announced


1/48 B-17 Crew Access Doors/Hatches for the Revell & Monogram F/G kits.


Time to open up your B-17 fuselage to expose your handywork on the inside!
The kit doors are poorly detailed and inaccurate; these will add class and distinction to your Flying Fortress for only $9.99 USD for the set.

Aft cabin door with window is cast integrally in clear resin, so no need to fiddle with small delicate clear parts!




1/48 B-17 “Cheyenne” motorized tail turret conversion for the Monogram G kit.


Some late F models and many of the G models had this modification to give better firepower and accuracy to the tail gunner position.

Open up all kinds of marking possibilities with this late-model G variant.  Forget scratchbuilding or fiddling with difficult vacuform pieces.

Loaded with detail including: gunner seat, ammo boxes, twin M3 Browning machine guns, bulkheads, heating ducts, wires, and much more

You will not find a more detailed and accurate conversion on the market!



1/48 B-17 Staggered Waist Gunner position conversion for the Monogram G kit.

adGoing hand-in-hand with AC48012 (Cheyenne Turret, above), this conversion will allow you to take your G-model to the late waist gunner position variation!

Not only will it stagger your model’s waist gunner positions, but it will also add loads of detail, including fully detailed M3 Browning machine guns with K-6 mounts, ammo boxes, wires, oxygen hoses and accurate sidewall detail!

This set is intended to fully replace 2 sections of the kit mid-fuselage sidewalls with clear cast pieces, to save you time on installation, and allowing for maximum possible detail.

A must-have for the serious modeler.