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M40 USAAF PARAFRAG BOMBS – Now Available in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 – R2D Exclusive!

Instr_PDFPick up a couple of set of these to go with your Pacific Theater (5th AF?) B-25, A-20, P-51, Liberator or Flying Fortress.

These bad boys were used to take out widely-scattered and lightly-armored targets such as airfields, jungle bases, and the like, in and around New Guinea, etc.  Mount on the wing pylons of your PTO Mustang ,next to your modified 75 GAL napalm tanks (also available here soon!) and you’ll be good to go!  Also particularly useful for Pacific Theater airfield Dioramas.

Each set comes with 2 M40s.

Affordably priced, we strive to bring super-detailing full-spectrum to the modeling community.

Purchase 1/32 version HERE