AC48094 – B-29 Superfortress Wheel Upgrade Set (16 pcs)


1/48 B-29 Wheel Upgrade Set – 16 pcs – the best way to make your model stand out without extensive reworking or large expense!

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If you are building any aircraft model, the wheels are without a doubt one of the most visible and looked at areas.  Luckily, they are also one of the easiest and cost-effective areas to upgrade as well!

Introducing RESIN2detail’s B-29 Superfortress wheel SUPER detail set.  This set contains 16 pieces, including separate wheel hubs, so you can make a highly accurate and realistic representation of both the main wheel and the nose wheel areas.  Look closely at the photos, and you will see R2D’s trademark attention to detail and finesse.

Due to the number of pieces, so of which are fragile, we recommend having some model building experience prior to attempting.  Prior experience working with resin upgrade sets helpful.

Not intended for children under the age of 13.
Made in USA.


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