48139 – 1/48 B-17 Supercharger Upgrade Set (2 Left and 2 Right) For Monogram Kit


Set of four (4) B-17 Supercharger Upgrades!

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Simply cut out the Monogram kit supercharger housing and switch out with our highly-detailed replacements designed and printed using 3D technologies.  Now, we could have included replacement pipes to accompany these, but if you look closely at the kit pipes (which connect to the supercharger housing on the bottoms of the nacelles), they’re not actually that bad!  So, I thought, lets keep the cost and amount of work involved for the modeler down.  The most visually impactful pieces, the 4 supercharger housings themselves, are included in great detail in this set.

Take care to ensure you are using the right-handed supercharger with the starboard nacelles (split up for you in separate baggies – one for each side, to make things easier), and vice-versa.

Note – subtle enlarging of the kit nacelle opening for the supercharger housing will be necessary as will careful measuring and cutting of the pipe under each nacelle.  You can either use a sharp hobby knife or motor tool.

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For the intermediate through advanced modeler.

Not for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in USA.


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