48141 – PB-1W AN/APS-20 Sub Hunter Radar for Navy B-17 (Radar Housing Only)


B-17 Sub-hunter AN/APS-20 Radar Conversion (radar housing only)

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If you are interested in modding your 1/48 B-17 Flying Fortress to be a Navy Sub-hunter Fortress without buying the more expensive/extensive set, then look no further!

Affordably priced at only $22.95, this highly-accurate radar housing captures the complex geometry of the AN/APS radar.  This is probably the single hardest piece of the conversion should you attempt to scratch one on your own!

You will not find a more accurate depiction of the AN/APS-20, nor will you find one for a better price.

Some experience with Resin parts is recommended when installing this piece.  While every effort was made to contour  to the kit geometry using 3D scanning technology, sand/blending/filling will be necessary before priming and ultimately painting.

For the intermediate through advanced modeler.

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in USA.



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