AC48015 — B-17 Crew Access Doors


Ultra-detailed B-17 crew access doors for the Revell/Monogram B-17 F/G kits!



Time to let the masses open up the interior spaces of their B-17 F and G models without tracking down impossible-to-find OOP accessories or countless hours of scratchbuilding.
R2D comes to the rescue with these superbly researched, designed and cast replicas of the doors down to the smallest of details – handles, hinges, they’re all there!  The set adds detail and corrects inaccuracies with the kit.

Set comes with 3 polyurethane resin doors

  • Forward cockpit access hatch – correctly reflects slightly oblong metal support on inner surface, along with hing mechanism
  • Mid-rear cabin entrance door – Cast in CLEAR resin for ease of installation.  Simply mask and paint.  Crystal clear – bubble free – just add some plastic polish and easily buff to sparkling greatness! No fiddling with tiny clear parts!
  • Tail gunner hatch – accurized to reflect more correct rectangular shape.

Designed with state of the art 3D scanning technology to accurately match the curves and contours of the B-17 kit(s).

Intended for the beginner through advanced modeler.  Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

©RESIN2detail 2016


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