AC48087 – 1/48 USAAF M8 4.5-inch Barrage Rockets (wing-mounted)


Great upgrade for your mid- late-war USAAF aircraft model in 1/48 or for your airfield diorama!

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Mounted on the wing hard points of many USAAF aircraft during the Second World War, these rockets unleashed a formidable barrage of firepower against a variety of ground targets – convoys, tanks, buildings, etc.  Any P-47 or P-51 could be modified to become a fighter/bomber/strafer with these mounted under their wings!  These also saw use by the A-20 Havoc crews in Europe (6 rocket tubes per wing!).

This set comes complete with the parts needed to build 6 rocket tubes (3 under each wing).  Each part is meticulously crafted and designed to meet the most demanding modeling need.

Instructions included

Great for the intermediate through advanced modeler – not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in the USA.


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