AC48093 — USAAF WWII Portable Oxygen Tank SET — 1/48


Here’s the product you’ve all been waiting for to add that extra level of realism to the interior areas of your US Bomber model in 1/48!

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img_1716If you want to take your USAAF bomber aircraft interior to the next level, consider purchasing one, or two, or a few of our premium Portable Oxygen Bottle Upgrade SETs — affordably priced at only $4.99 per set in 1/48!

These are very small and delicate, yet highly detailed — once in place, they will not only have saved you an hour or more of time, but also added a level of finesse that is very hard to replicate using styrene rod. ┬áThe kit sidewalls may have the occasional molded-in tank, however – these are very shallow and lifeless.

The RESIN2detail sets are full 3D — glue in place, then add weathering and shading and you will have the ultimate realism that you have been craving!

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