AC48130 – 1/48 Su-25 Frogfoot FOB/Intake Covers (for KP)


Pick up a set of these tres cool FOB covers for your 1/48 KP Su-25 Frogfoot for only $5.99 USD – today!

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The inside of modern jet intakes has always been a tough area to clean up and make realistic — if you are hitting modeler’s block and need a morale¬†boost, or if you want to depict a different look for your Frogfoot, check out these new FOB covers!

Set includes 2 covers for Front Intake and 2 covers for Exhaust Nozzle.

Delicately and intricately designed (note – realistic stressed skin, handles, etc.!) and cast in a light-gray resin, R2D’s FOB covers are the perfect way (and easiest way) to creatively close off the otherwise bland and difficult-to-detail air intake area of the Frogfoot! ¬†These puppies drop fit right into the kit’s opening and only require very light clean-up and sanding to contour perfectly to the kit — see pics in the gallery.

Modeler’s note – these were typically painted in a bright red color.

Affordably priced at only $5.99 per set!

Intended for the beginner through advanced modeler

Made in USA.

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Weight .03125 lbs


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