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April 2016 Release


R2D is excited to announce a major upgrade for the Monogram B-17 in April 2016!

Bomb bay detail on the Monogram B-17 kits is notoriously sparse, with no simple solution to add realistic detail, other than spend countless hours scratchbuilding to accommodate the inner profile’s  complex geometry.

Setting the bar for major upgrades, we’ve taken a novel approach – one normally seen only with conversions… Instead of requiring the modeler to bend photo-etch or shave thickness from the inner kit walls, we completely cut out about 56mm of the middle fuselage area and replace it with this Ultra-detailed sub-assembly!  Simply cut along kit panel lines with your dremel or X-acto saw/blade and insert a pre-assembled mid-section.

Designed to fit to the B-17 G kit by Monogram, though could also be made to work with the B-17 F with a little finagling.  State of the art 3D scanning technology was utilized to ensure an accurate fit.

Stay posted for more information, including product photos, as this nears production next month and for other exciting product announcements!!

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