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NEW RELEASE: AC72037 – 1/72 Wright Duplex Cyclone Engine Upgrade (Set of 4) For B-29, Skyraider, Constellation & PV-1 Neptune


If you are building a 1/72 B-29 Superfortress, Skyraider, Constellation or PV-1 Neptune, you will want to give this set a close look — you get 4 highly-detailed Wright Duplex Cyclone engine fronts.

All the detail is there –

  • Integral push rods,
  • Detailed crankcase, and
  • Sublimely detailed cylinder heads.
  • Cast in a light-grey resin, they will easily take any color paint or primer! (Note – Some minor sanding may be needed to fit nacelle/cowling contours of your kit.)

Grab your set now for only $11.99, by clicking HERE!

Perfect for the beginner through advanced modeler

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13

Made in USA

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AC72012 – 1/72 4,500 Lb Rocket-Assisted Bunker Buster Bomb (USAAF) [for Revell/Academy B-17]


Here’s a unique armament option that is sure to make your 1/72 Flying Fortress stand out!  How about a 4,500 lb rocket-assisted bunker buster bomb developed by the British and used by the USAAF against hardened submarine pens and other fortified Axis targets?!

Comes complete with delicately cast fins, bomb rack (mounted to B-17 wing), rocker arms, etc.

Click HERE to purchase!

Perfect for the Intermediate to Advanced modeler!

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.