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NEW RELEASE: AC48131 – A-20 Havoc Pilot/Co-Pilot Seats (No Belts) – For AMT Kit


Adding to our line of resin upgrades for AMT’s excellent A-20 Havoc kit, are these highly-detailed, accurate and delicate pilot/co-pilot seat upgrades!

The kit seats are woefully bland and inaccurate from both a shape and thickness standpoint. R2D has solved these issues and, of course, also added copious detail along the way!  It’s hard to capture all of the sublime detail in the photos, but if you look closely, you will notice rivet detail, armor plate and other delicate features that will set your Havoc apart from the competition.

If you are reading this, then you know how open and exposed/visible the A-20 cockpit is – here is an affordable way to jazz up the office!

Set contains two seats with NO belts — you can fashion your own out of foil or use an aftermarket PE set of your choosing.

Purchase yours for only $6.99 per set by clicking HERE!

[Note: A version with seatbelt detail (48104) can be purchased by clicking HERE]

Intended for the beginner through advanced modeler

Not intended for children under the age of 13

Made in USA

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NEW ARRIVAL — 1/48 USAAF 4.5-inch M8 Barrage Rockets (wing-mounted)


Mounted on the wing hard points of many USAAF aircraft during the Second World War, these rockets unleashed a formidable barrage of firepower against a variety of ground targets – convoys, tanks, buildings, etc.  Any P-47 or P-51 could be modified to become a fighter/bomber/strafer with these mounted under their wings!  These also saw use by the A-20 Havoc crews in Europe (6 rocket tubes per wing!).

This set comes complete with the parts needed to build 6 rocket tubes (3 under each wing).  Each part is meticulously crafted and designed to meet the most demanding modeling need.

Available for purchase for only $7.99 (plus shipping) by clicking HERE

Instructions included

Great for the intermediate through advanced modeler – not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in the USA.