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NEW RELEASE – 32038 1/32 Suu-11 Minigun Pod (Set of 2) For Skyraider, Gunslinger, etc.


If you are building the Tamiya or SwS 1/32 Skyraider or 60s/70s-era US aircraft like the F-4 Phantom Gunslinger, you will want to take a look at RESIN2detail’s new set of Suu-11 minigun pods!

Designed as one piece, all you need to do is remove the meniscus and small casting block with a razor saw and/or sharp hobby knife.  Only minor sanding should be needed, and no gluing parts necessary!

Purchase for only $11.99 per set, by clicking HERE!

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

For the intermediate through advanced modeler.

Made in USA.