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More Great April Releases from R2D – ones that you have been waiting for!

RESIN2Detail is proud to announce two eagerly awaited releases for the Monogram 1/48 B-17 G Flying Fortress Kit.

The venerable B-17 G kit released in the 1970s is still a rock-solid model, and very affordable and readily available online and elsewhere since its re-release — Although, some of the more visible areas need detailing. What’s more, the kit does not come with a means to model a late-model G featuring the Cheyenne Turret or Staggered Waist Gunner positions (outside of the long OOP Model Master edition released in the early 1990s). Both of these updates/conversions are critically important variants for the WWII aircraft modeler and Flying Fortress enthusiast.

Well, wait no longer – R2D has done it again with these two major releases! You will not be disappointed.



B-17 G CHEYENNE TAIL Conversion Kit (for Monogram 1/48 G)

FullSizeRender (27)Have you been eager to convert your Flying Fortress into a late model Cheyenne-tailed version, but not taken the leap yet due to the lack of good aftermarket alternatives? If so, take a peek at R2D’s top-shelf offering heaped with loads of mouth-watering detail. The contours were precisely mapped to the actual model using 3D scanning technology.

The kit features a replacement tail, complete with clear resin canopy, and molded in sidewall and floor detail. But that is not all – you get replacement .50 Cal MGs with flash suppressors, “bicycle” seat & frame, “tripod” tubular mount, ammo belts, gun sight, heating tubes (yes – heating tubes), armored glass and realistic ammo boxes! It has to be seen to be believed!

Comes with detailed set of instructions.


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B-17 G STAGGERED WAIST GUNNER Conversion Kit (for Monogram 1/48 G)

FullSizeRender (11)Going hand-in-hand with the Cheyenne Turret conversion (AC48012) is this super-detailed way to accurize and stagger your late-model B-17 G waist gunner positions! Features integral clear fuselage sections for port and starboard sides, which have the clear Plexiglas gunner windows with openings for K-6 gun mounts (included).

As with the Cheyenne Conversion kit, this kit also features 2 full and highly-detailed M3 Browning Machine Guns along with Ammo Boxes & Belts! Position the guns to your liking by swiveling the mounts.

The interior walls of the replacement fuselage sections feature nice accurate and to-scale ribbing, mounts, hoses, etc. that will add realism to the finished product.

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