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AC48053 – 1/48 4,500 Lb Rocket-Assisted Bunker Buster Bomb (USAAF) [for Monogram B-17]


Here’s a unique armament option that is sure to make your 1/48 Flying Fortress stand out!  How about a 4,500 lb rocket-assisted bunker buster bomb developed by the British and used by the USAAF against hardened submarine pens and other fortified Axis targets?!

Comes complete with delicately cast fins, bomb rack (mounted to B-17 wing), rocker arms, etc.

Perfect for the Intermediate to Advanced modeler!

Purchase by clicking HERE!

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in USA

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New Arrival: B-17/B-24 Hamilton Electric Propeller Upgrade Set


IMG_0793Are you interested in adding a visual punch to exterior of your Monogram or Revell Flying Fortress or B-24 Liberator?  Take a look at these highly accurate and delicately molded propeller hubs and HAMILTON ELECTRIC PADDLE Propellers! 

Set comes with 12 propeller blades and 4 hubs.  The propeller shafts are keyed in a feathered position so all you need to do is carefully remove the propeller from the casting block and insert into the hub with a touch of cyanoacrylate glue.  Note, you will need to drill a 2.5 mm diameter hole on the reverse side of the hub to mate with the kit engine.  

For the beginner to advanced modeler – contains small parts – not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Available for purchase here: PURCHASE

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Coming soon – B-17 Control Yokes in 1/48 and 1/32!

Progress 7 MOD progress 6 MODTime to pick up a pair of these control yokes for your Flying Fortress — The kit yokes are a bit on the thick side, and are lacking in detail.  R2D’s are accurate and detailed to the hilt – you will not be disappointed!

Planned for release during the week of May 9 in 1/32 for the HK kit and in 1/48 for the Monogram Kit!

Stay tuned for more information on pricing and availability!