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NEW RELEASE: AC72037 – 1/72 Wright Duplex Cyclone Engine Upgrade (Set of 4) For B-29, Skyraider, Constellation & PV-1 Neptune


If you are building a 1/72 B-29 Superfortress, Skyraider, Constellation or PV-1 Neptune, you will want to give this set a close look — you get 4 highly-detailed Wright Duplex Cyclone engine fronts.

All the detail is there –

  • Integral push rods,
  • Detailed crankcase, and
  • Sublimely detailed cylinder heads.
  • Cast in a light-grey resin, they will easily take any color paint or primer! (Note – Some minor sanding may be needed to fit nacelle/cowling contours of your kit.)

Grab your set now for only $11.99, by clicking HERE!

Perfect for the beginner through advanced modeler

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13

Made in USA

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NEW RELEASE: 1/48 B-29 Superfortress Exhaust and Supercharger UPDATE Set


fullsizerender-2Kick it up a notch with this set of 8 supercharger/exhaust replacements (4 right-side and 4 left-side), with full compartment which includes the supercharger(s), exhaust stack(s), wire(s), etc.  Also included, are 8 supercharger panels to close up the compartment(s) if you so choose.  This set will upgrade all four engine nacelles on your Superfortress model!

One of the areas of the Monogram™ kit that needs attention, is the area on the nacelle sides with the Supercharger and Exhaust access panel and stacks.  The kit’s representation is inaccurate and shallow profile-wise. Ours are super detailed and designed using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to ensure a precise fit with the kit nacelles.

Remove supercharger sections from side of kit engine nacelle and replace with the Update Set pieces. Use gap-filling CA glue or epoxy putty to fill seams.
Get yours today by clicking HERE!