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6/13-6/20 (Store closed for Holiday)


Now that the unofficial start to Summer is here, I am heading with my family for a week’s vacation – everyone needs a break!

I will be checking in via email occasionally during the week of

Tues 6/13 – Tues 6/20

And, the store will be taking orders during that time, however, please be aware that responses may take longer during this time, and an additional 5 business days can be expected for order fulfillment.

I appreciate your business very much, and look forward to serving your modelling needs!

Bye for now,


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NEW RELEASE – 1/32 M3 Browning Machine Gun DELUXE set with K-13 Computing Site and PE


If you are building any of HK’s 1/32 US Bombers, then you will definitely want to give RESIN2detail’s DELUXE M3 w/ PE Upgrades a look! Highly-detailed and crisply cast, the M3s and the K-13 sites will bring your model the next level.  Our extensive PE fret is unlike anything currently available and includes all of the details you would find on the real thing! (Set comes with 2 guns and sites.)

Purchase yours today for only $14.99, by clicking HERE!

Since this set contains many small PE parts, and requires assembly, it is geared mainly towards the advanced modeler.

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in USA.

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NEW RELEASE – 48129 – 1/48 CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition (w/PE)


Add some firepower to your 1/48 Desert Storm F-15 with our CBU-87s!  Crisply rendered and professionally cast in our light grey resin; comes with photo-etched brass tail piece and attachment lugs.

Purchase for only $7.99 each, by clicking HERE.

Perfect for the Intermediate through Advanced Modeler. Requires some assembly.

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in USA.

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NEW RELEASE – 32038 1/32 Suu-11 Minigun Pod (Set of 2) For Skyraider, Gunslinger, etc.


If you are building the Tamiya or SwS 1/32 Skyraider or 60s/70s-era US aircraft like the F-4 Phantom Gunslinger, you will want to take a look at RESIN2detail’s new set of Suu-11 minigun pods!

Designed as one piece, all you need to do is remove the meniscus and small casting block with a razor saw and/or sharp hobby knife.  Only minor sanding should be needed, and no gluing parts necessary!

Purchase for only $11.99 per set, by clicking HERE!

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

For the intermediate through advanced modeler.

Made in USA.

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Used widely throughout the Second World War by Germany and its allies, these will help to bring your WWII diorama to the next level.  Finely engraved detail and realistic damage sets these apart.

  • For the beginner through advanced modeler.
  • Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in USA.

Pickup a set today for only $5.99, by clicking HERE!

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RESIN2detail is releasing the MK 77 Napalm Canister; the first in a long line of modern scale armament!

Ours features delicate detail, accuracy, and a one-piece casting — just remove plug and lightly sand along meniscus.

  • Set contains two (2) resin bombs.
  • For the beginner through advanced modeler.
  • Not intended for modelers under the age of 13.

Made in USA.

Purchase for only $12.99 per set, by clicking HERE!

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Ever looking for that perfect scale ammunition? Well, look no further!  RESIN2detail’s got you covered.  We’ve created this set of 4 affordable ammunition strips for your M2/M3/Browning machine gun.

Features accurate and featuring subtle and realistic relief detail.

Click HERE to purchase today (Only $12.99 per set, plus shipping)

International orders welcome.

Skill Level – Beginner through Advanced Modelers

Not intended for Modelers under the age of 13.

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AC32016 – 1/32 M5 Bomb Trailer KIT


 1/32 M5 Bomb Trailer KIT

For years, the only option for modelers making an airfield diorama, was to scratchbuild one of these bad boys — not any more 😉

Come check out RESIN2detail’s new M5 super-detailed resin kit, featuring approximately 25 highly-detailed pieces.  If you are building the HK 1/32 B-17 E/F/G or B-25 Mitchell, then you will definitely want to take a closer look.

These trailers were found on nearly every airfield throughout Europe and forward operating bases in the Pacific during WWII – they are in many many pictures depicting bomb loading and maintenance.

Everything is here – delicate and refined bed with arched rails and detailed tubular support structure on underside, highly-detailed main and font wheels, tool locker, leaf springs, etc.  You will not be disappointed.

Comes with full instruction manual, and the following parts

  • Main bed
  • Main wheels (x2)
  • Main Axle
  • Main Wheel Hub (x2)
  • Main Leaf Spring (x2)
  • Tail Light (x2)
  • Front Electrical Box
  • Hitch
  • Yoke
  • Raising/Lowering crank (static)
  • Front Axle
  • Front Wheels (x2)
  • Front Leaf Spring (x2)
  • Front Axle Coil Spring (x2)
  • Forward Chassis (Upper)
  • Locker Box
  • Locker Box Top (w/ Bomb Fin Storage)
  • Locker Box Rear Applique (w/Bomb Fin Storage)

The only thing that is missing is your B-17/B-25 and some ordinance!

Available for purchase by clicking —>> HERE

Intended for the intermediate through advanced modeler due to the number of small resin parts; not intended for children under the age of 13.

Made in USA.

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NEW RELEASE – 1/48 US MK II Bomb Trolley KIT (AC48050)


1/48 MK II US Bomb Trolley KIT (WWII)

This trolley was used primarily by the USAAF in the Pacific Theater of Operations. These were daisy chained together and towed by either a Cletrac or M6 truck on the airstrip or tarmac.

Perfect for your US WWII diorama to add some dynamic flare to your P-38, P-51, B-17 or B-24 vignette.

Purchase our 500lb or 1000lb bombs separately to even more detail/realism! (To be released in March 2017)

Kit comes with

  • 4 highly detailed wheels/tires
  • 1 detailed main body with integral rear axles
  • 1 front yoke
  • 1 front axle

Due to the delicate nature of these parts, and their small size, it is recommended for intermediate to advanced modeler.

Purchase for only $14.99 per kit by clicking HERE!

Not intended for modelers under the age of 13

Made in USA.